Naples Flooring Company put hardwood flooring in two bedrooms and an office. They were just really nice people with good work ethics. They were on time and friendly, almost making it a joy to have them around! We also liked that they cleaned everything as if they were in their own homes.

Gene H / CustomerLobby

I used Naples Flooring Company for the removal of existing floor coverings and the installation of new hardwood flooring. What stands out about them is how organized they are, as well as their skillful workmanship.

Steve K / CustomerLobby

There are few remodeling projects nowadays that are stress-free, but my experience with Naples Flooring Company has been so pleasant, and I am so so impressed with the quality of their service and product. Christian was extremely helpful and attentive throughout the whole project. He listened to my vision and pulled samples for me. When it got to the confusing part of the project, he even arranged for me to view the completed floor of a previous client of theirs. It just shows you that their customers have a high respect for this company since they are willing to let strangers into their home just to see their floors! After my floor order came in, it took them seven days to install.

Barbara C / CustomerLobby