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Flooring Favorites with Naples Flooring Company

By April 1, 2019April 12th, 2019No Comments

While everyone wants something unique and different in their home, classic colors and styles are popular for a reason. We offer an almost unlimited array of color and finish options but we find that people return again and again to these popular choices. It’s not hard to see why—the neutral finishes and beautiful grain make these floors perfect for the airy and transitional style that’s so prevalent in Naples. They are also an ideal choice for homes that have a coastal feel and we use them in many beach homes. Lighter wood floors with natural tones provide the perfect palette to build on and can be accented with a wide range of colors from your walls to your furniture.


Standard Width 220mm (8.66”)| Wire Brushed Finish
The whitewashed finish of the St. Moritz works well in this region because of its muted look. Perfect for a beach house, each plank is wire brushed which opens the grain of the wood and provides an authentically weathered appearance. The whitewashing process brings out a variety of tones in the wood, especially the greys which is why this finish works well in a home either close to the beach or one that draws its design inspiration from the Gulf.


Standard Width 260mm (10.23”) | Double Wire Brushed Finish

Gray continues to be a popular color in the design community here in Naples and reflects the preference for softer neutrals for carpeting, tile, and décor items. We still see a demand for this beautiful color in our flooring and are able to offer a few options, the most popular of which is the Vienna finish. Adding a gray washed stain to a hardwood floor can help accentuate the floor’s natural beauty while perfectly complementing nearly any style.


Standard Width 180mm (7.09″) & 220mm (8.66″) | Natural Smoked Finish

Giuseppina is a demonstration of what natural really is. These wide planks get their natural brown color with a grey hue using a 100% natural smoking technique. Each plank enters an oven-like chamber that is injected with heat and smoke, allowing the natural tannin in the wood to surface giving it its beautiful natural color. Each plank reacts differently to the heat and smoke which is why you’ll find an array of light to dark tones giving the floor a unique characteristic. Giuseppina’s neutral brown and grey tone makes it a very unique yet subtle floor for almost any style of choice.

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