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Family is not an important thing, it is everything. For Naples Flooring Company, family means everything and that is why we are proud to be exclusive to Legno Bastone Wide Plank Flooring, a fifth generation family owned and operated company. Each floor is custom tailored and hand crafted to personal specifications. Wider widths and wider lengths are what Legno Bastone pride themselves on. Quality, service and finish are unmatched in the industry. They create one board at a time one, project at a time, demanding only the highest quality in product and service. To be part of that regime and be part of that family is something Naples Flooring Company is honored to be.

The most popular collection for Naples Flooring Company, that Legno Bastone manufactures, is La Famiglia Collection. Whats really unique about this collection are the names for each individual finish in this collection. Each name derive from someone in the Bastone family. Hence why the collection is called La Famiglia (The Family). This collection has a 7.09 inch width, 1/2 inch thickness, 4mm veneer and 7 layers of Marine Grade Baltic Birch with cross panel strength. A extra perk for La Famiglia collection is the ability to upgrade from the original 7.09 inch width to an 8.66 inch width.

La Famiglia, out of the five collections of Legno Bastone Wide Plank Flooring, has the most finishes to select from. Naples Flooring Company’s most popular finish is the Guiseppina. This finish is uncommon from many of the others because of the technique used to achieve the tone of color. Guiseppina is a 100% all natural smoked finish that has those natural brown colors with hints of gray tones to it. To obtain this unique color, the wide planks are put into an oven-like chamber, where heat and smoke is injected. What the heat and smoke does is bring out the natural tannin in the wood, to the surface. Now when you look at the Guiseppina you will notice some planks darker than others and that is because each individual plank reacts differently to the heat and smoke. For example if you were to go to the beach with a friend, you would tan differently than your friend does. As you bring all of these planks together, it gives the floor a very unique characteristic to it, allowing it to match almost any interior design or style.

Naples Flooring Company is constantly introducing new Legno Bastone finishes, adding on the the many that coexist. This week we released a brand new finish that is completely different from the rest. This new finish in La Famiglia Collection is called Mariella. Mariella is an all white wash finish, that give the floor an unblemished and crisp presence when you enter the room. When you have the chance, stop by Naples Flooring Company’s exclusive Legno Bastone Gallery and witness the Mariella for yourself. Bring home a sample and see how it would look in your home.

Guiseppina and Mariella are just two of the 14 different finishes in La Famiglia collection. All 14 finishes are all unique on their own and each are all a well representation of what a family is! Learn more about Legno Bastone Wide Plank Flooring by stopping by our prestigious showroom and speaking with one of our Legno Bastone Flooring Specialist. Check out some of the other collections manufactured by Legno Bastone and the many finishes they have to offer. 

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