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Cristian Longo and Laurie Longo | owners of Naples Flooring Company

When you think of selecting a wood floor for your home, the idea of sifting through the overwhelming options available in the market can be a stressful one. My wife and I want to change your opinion and make your shopping experience enjoyable as you pick the right floor for your design needs.

As a locally owned business, we are flooring specialist who take pride in getting hands-on at job sites. During the work day, you often see me sporting blue jeans and boots so i can jump in and help, but I also have a bit of suit collection and enjoy meeting other Naples residents with an eye for fashion. Laurie is our behind the scenes person who holds the company together and tackles the large logistical feats that come with a growing and fabulous business.

Even better than the great service you experience with Naples Flooring Company is the quality of products that they offer from local supplier Legno Bastone. Legno Bastone Wide Plank Flooring is the creme de la creme in the floor covering world. Offering only the finest woods from the best forests in Europe, the trees have been nurtured for generations for the benefit of society and the environment- the product is truly masterful.

We are the only exclusive gallery for Legno Bastone Wide Plank Flooring here in Naples. The gallery is located in the corner of 5th Avenue S. & US 41. We are proud to be a 100% employee-run company and our staff is trained to handle the entire job from moisture testing to delivering of the flooring, grinding, and preparing the slab, to the actual installation.

Both Laurie and I love spending time with our kids and try to make frequent trips to the beach. Lowdermilk is our favorite. Our children enjoy boating here and we also take trips to other parts of the country to experience snow and skiing as a family. Laurie and I love that Naples is a small community and we have found it to be a great place to grow both our family and business. And you cant beat the weather! If you’re looking for a delicious night out we suggest Sails, a new restaurant on 5th Avenue.

“Machi” Dogiel | Floor Specialist/Sales Manager of Naples Flooring Company

My name is Maciej (pronounced “Machi”). I was born in Poland and at 12 moved to Pennsylvania with my family where I finished education and graduated with drafting & design and studied business management at Temple.

After college, I worked in construction and home improvement. The experience I gained helped me understand thoughtful design. When I moved to Florida 5 years ago, I fell in love with the people and opportunities here. I became a designer at a custom kitchen & bath showroom in Naples. That launched my passion for working with high-end products and designs.

When I discovered Naples Flooring Company and Cristian & Laurie, I knew I wanted to work with them and I am now the Floor specialist/sales manager. When you come in, I will walk you through our gallery and help you select the right floor. The best part about working for Naples Flooring Company is knowing we have the best products on the market. It makes my job that much easier!

With a true understanding of design, I know how to guide people through the decision making process. I’m a perfectionist and I enjoy sharing my product and industry knowledge with people. You can ask me anything about our flooring and I will get the right answer for you, always.

Visit our Legno Bastone Gallery | 900 5th Ave S. Naples, FL 34102

2nd Location Opening Fall 2019 | 1389 3rd St S. Naples, FL 34102

Follow us on Instagram! @naplesflooring

T: 239.263.1213